The Schonweiss paradigm is that people should work driven solely by their interests and passion, in an environment that allows for the greatest freedom in their growth. We structure our company and services around the talent pool we have at hand, rather than attempting to form an artificial talent pool, as is norm in today's world.

Such paradigms of free growth, historically, have created the best of thinkers, artists, designers, philosophers, and even authors, poets, and explorers. In Schonweiss - we deeply understand that freedom to pursue one's ideals creates, and nourishes talent, allows talent to continually grow and refine itself. Schonweiss is perhaps the first company ever to structure itself to maximize human potential, and taking the goal of its organizational framework as cultivating the talents of the individuals who are part of the company.

This paradigm allows us to grow unrestrained by presentday frameworks which ignore human potential, in favor of maximizing narrow productivity in a framework. In such paradigms people act as bolts, are driven by a mere wish to climb in a career heriarchy, and the system is inherently subject to decay over time - the 'Peter principle,' for instance, captures humorously what eventually comes of such paradigms.

Here in Schonweiss, we create a vigorous environment, where people drive themselves by their own interests, and thus naturally progress in both their ability, and thus, much faster than conventional, in their career.