Schonweiss Software Academy and Schonweiss Software Solutions are wings under Schonweiss. We undertake projects in a variety of fields - from learning portals to custom solutions for business needs.

For businesses, we start from a study of the business needs, and from a thorough analysis of the problem-space, proceed to presenting suggestions of how a software based solution can simplify their business. From there we proceed to presenting functional prototypes to the business to demonstrate what the final application can help them achieve.

We take great pride in the quality of our software craftsmanship. We understand that the major cost of software projects is incurred not in development but in deviations from the requirement track during development, in poorly structured designs which make maintainance and modifications often manifolds more expensive than development. In reducing such expenses, and in making sure that the project does not fail as requirements dynamically change as it often does in the real world - greatest attention is paid to creating optimized, flexible architectures for our solutions.

Our projects keep a tight loop with the client, updating them of the progress of the projects weekly, and presenting prototypes while during the development phase to ensure the design is as per the requirement. Careful engineering, independent development of modules, and a test-driven approach to development ensures that our projects are of the highest quality.

Our expertise in multiple areas ensure we are able to provide extension solutions for the cloud, for the mobile, etc., as your business and its needs grow.