Schonweiss offers web-based solutions for business, academic, and research needs. Web-based solutions, over the conventional paradigm – offer ubiquity, platform independence, seamless updates, and easy access from any corner of the world. We recommend, based on analysis of your business paradigm, and a careful study of the problem space presented – the technologies to go for, and the solution model to adopt. Simplifying your life – be it in the business, in the academia, or your field of research.

We also offer visually intensive, yet light, web deisgns – for those solutions that require a focus on presentation.

The Schonweiss Philosophy In Web Design is that there are often two competing elements in a design – one the presentation’s sophistication – second the lightness. Sophistication attracts visitors – the lightness retains them. Sophistication is ensured, paying attention to theories of aesthetics, form, colors and their impact on the human psyche. Lightness – through use psychological models that tell us the human brain process at most 7 elements simultaneously – and based on research into which models are best for presentation of the elements. Within the criterion that determine lightness is the speed at which the website loads – ensured through 21 careful optimizations by our Engineers – and an easy access to information – achieved by presentations which draw upon cutting edge research into human perception.